Omar Faleh

I hired Mr. Wakim for 3 different furniture design jobs (all featured on his website). While my wife and I work as designers and had some vague ideas about what we want, he managed to bring a fresh and new perspective to our living space that we would’t have otherwise thought about.
His attention to details and perseverance to place his work in your living space in the most suitable way, no matter how bent the floor or crooked the walls, is remarkable.
I truly cannot recommend him enough to anyone who wants fresh design ideas and woodwork in their living spaces, contemporary or traditional.

Mohammad Saijari

The interior decorator and designer Salam supervised and implemented my new home’s décor with great precision and harmony. Every corner of the house came together as a whole, and the cohesive look seemed like a museum for both the body and soul.
In my personal opinion, only a few designers create innovative designs that have an urban touch perfected by their own hands. Their products are like paintings that come alive into reality.

Samer Georges

An amazing artist how could turn your place to a peace of art , mixing modern decoration with beautiful touches of Mediterranean civilizations
I recommend him for any kind of interior design.